Friday, 12 June 2009

Door Hangers

After reading this thread, I felt the need to have a go at making my own door hanger.

I tried to think of something my son would like written on his such as "keep out", ""genious at work", "game tester at work" etc but I couldnt choose what to put. Then I had a light bulb moment **DING** WHITE BOARD!!! Well, I went looking round, and could find sticky back plastic white boards, & solid ones varying in thickness. I decided the sticky back plastic sort were not a good idea as it would show every lump and bump underneath so went for a thin, solid sort. It couldnt be too thick as I needed to cut it to size, and then sand the edges smooth.

So these were started:-

After that I had another ding moment and realised I could do a christmas count down with the whiteboard, so I came up with these:-

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sock monkeys +

I took the plunge and made my first sock monkey last month, I used these instructions as I found them to be the clearest. I took the mankiest, oldest pair of sock out of my sock draw (though they were clean, just worn out) and hand sewed it just to make sure I could make one. I hadnt even got any stuffing in so used another pair of socks and cotton wool to fill it. I was quite pleased with the result and my two lads fell in love with him.
As my youngest was very much into Timmy Time I thought a sheep would be more loved by him so I put on my thinking cap. I had a brain wave that the inside of white sports socks are kinda furry inside, perfect for sheeps wool. So I popped into poundland and saw a pack of 2 cream sports socks and a black pair in a pack, only one pack left, woohoo.
So heres my sock sheep,.............I then made another sock sheep for my eldest son. At the age of 10 I didnt think he'd be all that interested but as soon as it was finished he wanted to take it shopping with us. He walked with it tucked into his hood with arms and legs sticking out, and the tail wrapped losely around his neck. It was definately a hit.
My OH joked that I should make LO a sock farm, which got me thinking. So my next challege is to try making a pig, cow, and duck. Soon as my sewing machine gets fixed that is, it decided to pack up after making these :(


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