Monday, 11 May 2009

My fav card ever ...... so far!

Favourite out of the ones I've made anyway

Theres just something about it that makes me very happy about the result :)

I stamped the swirls onto a patterend card, & followed the pattern on the side with a black fineline, adding a few red dots & going over these with glossy accents. I then punched 6 butterflies out, 3 out of red mulberry paper & 3 out of white. I paired them up & glued them together. When dry I glued them onto the card, as if landed on the swirls, & posed the wings a bit. After that had dried I used the fineline to draw little bodies on

Card making weekend

I've spent this weekend playing with some of the new crafting toys my OH bought me for my birthday.

This card was made by punching 3 butterflies out of vellum using the new fiskars butterfly punch, this was placed over a pale blue background that had butterflies in white on it, free from a magazine, these were then attached to a long white card & a butterfly cut from the backing paper shaped slightly & fixed to the corner. Its definately one of my favourites.
I love cards that only use black & white, I think it looks very effective and classy.
Using the fiskars butterfly punch again, but on black card this time, this was stuck on to white card, & then onto a black A6 card.
I'd bought some fabric flowers from poundland so took one apart & stuck on a black flower I'd got from the nec. When I attached this it didnt look right, I decided it needed a ribbon across the bottom but didnt have one that looked right, so I used some fabric paint I had & made stitch line type pattern across, wish I had done something as a guideline though to make the lines straighter, isnt hindsight fab!
Not my best of cards but I like the circles together & the butterfly. The butterfly was punched out of mulberry paper & gives a lovely furry effect. The same type of paper is the red background. Circles were cut with fiskars circle cutter, something I need to practice a bit.
A simple card. 2 strips of ribbons, a pale blue one attached onto a slightly thicker pearlescent one, then onto an A6 card. I punched out 6 flowers of shiny, textured paper & embossed them. I paired the flowers up & stuck them together with a 1/2 pearl on top of each.
This card didnt turn out as well as I hoped. I started off with putting double sided tape onto white card & punching a butterfly out (can you tell I like my new punch!!). I then sprinkled tiny flowers all over it. I then wanted it to sit on a large flower, but hadnt any so made my own, maybe a large prima flower or one similar would have worked better. I fastened these onto the card with a brad, which i had previously stuck a free backing paper from a magazine on, after cutting the edges with shaped scissors. The pink dots on the paper gave me the idea to so pink flowers to go with it.

Birthday Cake

I love the Belgian Biscuit cake my nan made for special occassions, its a recipe she played with until she was happy. My birthday was the perfect excuse to make it, its definately not something to eat everyday, unless you like BIG love handels, lol.
Its not the best I've ever made, I decided to flavour it with Tia Maria, but put a lil too much in so it didnt set properly & the chocolate sank a bit too much - oh well, lesson learnt. Also its meant to be made with Marie biscuits but the only place locally that sells them is Sainsburys, & thats a bit of a trek, so I substituted them for Rich tea biccys.

Even with these mistakes/allterations its a cake that definately hits the spot. & a recipe thats now passed on down the generations.


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