Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Scrapping with I did it Creations: Challenge #8

Theme: Fonts only no photos. Embellishments are OK

Well this challenge really was a challenge for me! I havent made a scrapbook page before that doesnt contain a photo.So I began thinking about written things that I wanted to remember, a story, a poem, maybe doing a birth chart with things such as birth stone etc on.

I decided on a "poem" I'd once been sent in an email with a moral that I love - I updated it slightly changing nintendo 64 for an xbox 360, as well as the TV programme. I also decided to go out of my own comfort zone & scrap in green, & **shock horror** PINK!!!! I liked how it turned out....

The design team were given Fun & Funky digital alpha set by Floppy Latte, who is kindly sponsoring this challenge. I altered the colours to green to make them fit in with my page.

What do you think? do Pink & Green make fun christmas colours?
How about joining in with us at Scrapping With I did It Creations and you could win a prize, just make a scrapbook page without any photos, using fonts and link it to SWIDIC here.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Flowery Hair Clip

I was inspired by SJ's Fabric Bib Necklace over at SJs Little Musings to try making fabric flowers.
Having looked on youtube I came across allsorts of different flowers but this was my favourite style.....

This is actually made from a black ribbon with red spots on it.

Having made this I then took an old hair clip that I no longer liked..

I added some lace which I had spiraled and hand sewn. I then added 4 "flowers", 1 large red "rose" and 3 black & red flowers. I also added some black feathers as I thought it was getting a modern victorian look to it.

When it was finished I also found I had a red rose left over so I attached it to a broach so I can either wear it as a broach or attach it to a necklace.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lou's Autumn Challenge

Lou over at Creative Craft World has set the Challenge to make something that shows what Autumn means to "Me" ... well, as some of you know I kinda take things rather literal, so heres my page on what Autumn means to me....
The title reads "Through my eyes Autumn", and next to each photo I have dated it and done journalling of what it represents..
(from top to bottom)
"Wet Walks"
"New hat and boots"
"Fallen Leaves"
"Dark Evenings & cuddles on the sofa"
"Fog & Frost"
"Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows"
"Preparing for Christmas"

I didnt have a 12x12 sheet I felt suitable so I let my creative juice flow as I made my own.
I put leaf peel offs on a white piece of 12x12, as well as my title.
I then used little ink pads in reds, browns, oranges and yellows to go over them before moving the leafs to the other side of the page and repeating the process.
Once complete I removed the leafs and put them going the other way, over the ink, repeating the whole process again, but this time I also added silver around the edges to represent the cold and how winter creeps in.
When finished I removed all the peel offs. leaving the sheet just how I wanted it.

Having left the title until very last to remove the peel offs from the page it almost glowed white.

I added a few paper leaves I had bought in different shades of brown, and a fimo pumpkin.
Now I've finished this one I want to do something similar for the other seasons.

(the challenge calls for the reds, oranges, yellows, browns & green to be used - all but green have been used on the 12x12 sheet, & green can clearly be seen in the photos)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Scrapping with I Did It Creations: Challenge 7

Its a Guy Thing
The Challenge over at Scrapping with I did it Creations is to make a Masculine Scrapbook page.
The prize is a $5 coupon to use on any of the Toucan Scraps range, who is also kindly sponsoring us this fortnight.

Well living with all males (apart from myself & 1 female cat) I had plenty of choice when it comes to "Masculine" photos.
The design team had to work with some gorgeous denim style digital paper by Toucan Scraps called "Dungarees" As you can see I used a blue denim sheet that I printed out for the background.
I printed off a photo of Kai, covered in baked bean sauce after feeding himself, & then rounded the corners to go with the rest of the design I had planned. I wanted everything rounded, like the baked beans, which is why I chose that particular orange paper (very beany I thought, lol), the round beads that spelt "beans" and the curved rub on frame that I put onto a white sheet of paper & cut out to journal on.
I think all the oranges & blues go wonderfully together, especially as they are the main colours in the photo.

For the heading "Bon Appetit" I used a SRM sticker from the food range that I had won over on the All About Me Message Board. I find the all about me blog inspirational & helps a lot when trying to blog about myself so my children, & generations to come will have an insight into "Me" when I am gone.
Got a Masculine scrapbook page in mind? how about taking the plunge, create it & see if you can win a prize with us over at SWIDIC

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Creative Craft World Celebration Challenge

Over at Creative Craft World, Sarah A has set the challenge to use a recipe of..
1 x image (stamped, digi or photograph)
3 x flowers/embellishments
1 x ribbon
2 x different papers
...in the form of a celebration.

Heres my take of it that I would like to enter.

Its a page showing how we celebrated Yule last year

I started off with a sheet of patterned black paper onto which I stuck the word "Yule" onto and splattered red, white & green on, trying to mimic the pattern of fireworks going off. I then removed "yule" leaving the masked area unsplattered - I didnt like it, it didnt stand out enough so I coloured in the letters with silver and stuck them back having moved them across slightly so it looked like they had a bit of a shadow.

I mounted the photos onto red card, and printed off the journalling onto green paper (its slightly more green than the photo shows) I rounded the corners & then layered everything onto the page.

I found 3 christmassy disc embellishments that were very pagan and fitted in perfectly with the theme. I also made 2 little red bows out of ribbon, added a bead and added them onto the title making it a lot more festive.

Sarah A asked for the challenge to explain why its a special celebration. I love Yule, I love the festive atmosphere, I love that yule is the longest night, a welcoming of the "rebirth" of the sun ... a way of looking forward to longer hours of sunshine, getting ready for new greenery, plating of crops etc. I love all the little things that we use to celebrate Yule, things that most people also have to celebrate Christmas, such as decorating a fir tree, a yule log, having Holly, mistletoe and ivy to decorate the house. Its a time of family, especially as its meant to be a time when the divide between the 2 worlds, that of the living & deceased is at its thinnest.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Summer Fun: week 6

So the holidays are almost over, and this week I've had the children (with help) making sure they have everything they need for school, sharpening pencils for their pencil cases etc. This kept them both busy and happy for a while at least.

They have also...
1.Made Pizzas

Simply breakfast muffins cut in half with pizza topping, cheese & mushrooms (for those that like them) & bake in the oven until golden (either the cheese or the edges)

2. Painting Salt Dough Models
As the hols are coming to an end it seemed appropriate to finish off some of the earlier projects such as painting the salt dough models they had made, as well as Kai's robot.
(N.P Zack was literally born frowning, he frowns a lot naturally, in this photo he is doing his concentration frown even if it does look like hes just in a mood, lol)

3. String Painting

Or in this case, scoobie painting :)
I had a load of scoobies from the craze of making bracelets, toys etc out of them which came in handy for dunking into paint & then draping over paper to create a picture. Though messy on the hands the kids loved this.

4. Marble Painting

Put a sheet of paper at the bottom of a shoe box, do a couple of splodges of paint on it & then drop a marble of 2 in. Then all you need to do is rattle the box. The marbles roll around in the paint & leave tracks as they roll.
This kept mine amused for all of 2 minutes - fun the first time they tried & then they got bored.

5. Courses

Last week I forgot to mention that Zack attended a course for children to create an animation. He enjoys it so much that he attends every year. Its well worth looking around to see if theirs any free mini courses for youngsters.

This holiday I have done a lot less than I normally do with my sons, this is due to them being more independent in their own way. Kai loves to draw, and go on the trampoline, neither of which takes any organisation from me. Zack has had playscheme & ice zone to attend, hes also happy to read, go on the trampoline, play with technic lego among other things he gets himself.

I hope we have helped give you a few ideas to do in the holidays to keep your youngsters amused, and if you have done ANYTHING fun with your children please link up below.


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