Friday, 12 June 2009

Door Hangers

After reading this thread, I felt the need to have a go at making my own door hanger.

I tried to think of something my son would like written on his such as "keep out", ""genious at work", "game tester at work" etc but I couldnt choose what to put. Then I had a light bulb moment **DING** WHITE BOARD!!! Well, I went looking round, and could find sticky back plastic white boards, & solid ones varying in thickness. I decided the sticky back plastic sort were not a good idea as it would show every lump and bump underneath so went for a thin, solid sort. It couldnt be too thick as I needed to cut it to size, and then sand the edges smooth.

So these were started:-

After that I had another ding moment and realised I could do a christmas count down with the whiteboard, so I came up with these:-

1 comment:

  1. fab door hangers well done K I might be inspired to try these myself



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