Saturday, 30 May 2015

A nice surprise :)

Its currently a quiet saturday morning, the OH has gone to work, the kids are occupying themselves & I'm considering what I need to do for the day. As my eyes pass over my scrapbooking items that are piled up on the lounge table, it reminds me of the lovely time I had last weekend.

We'd been planning it for a few months now, a weekend of meeting up with our UKScrappers team mates and scrapping away. & finely the day had arrived.

A few of us had decided to gate crash Niki's crop she holds on a friday night, it also meant I could catch a 3pm train rather than a very early 7am train, I am NOT very good at getting up in the morning.

Fay gave me a lift from the train station, which helped my anxiety loads, and meant a very pleasant journey chatting away.

We arrived in time to help set everything up & dived straight in with scrapbooking. Ruth had kindly brought me a mug to use, I should say bought as she gifted me a new one ..... with a pink flower on it .... wrapped in pink tissue paper .... in a PINK beaded bag!!! Now I'm sure some of you are well aware that I'm not keen on pink. Some pink as a flash of colour is fine, great even (well I did have pink hair for quite a while), but I am not a pink girl. So Ruth & I have an ongoing joke over it.

We scrapped late into the night, with pizza delivered for tea before back to Niki's house where we were staying. I could have moved in there & then. Not only was the kitchen huge, the craft room well laid out & stocked but, the best thing, I got a super king sized bed to myself that was super comfy!

Up early the next morning, we all got ready. Ruth & Niki made excuses & left to open the hall we were using while Fay & I popped to the shops to grab some lunch for later.

We walked into the hall & what was I greeted by?...

White & pink bunting & pom poms, a table full of goodies (& pink), as well as my craft area totally pinkified!
The crafty things, led by Ruth & a pink theme, had organised a Baby Shower for me, perfect timing as on that day I was exactly 6 months pregnant. It was a lovely surprise.

We crafted until everyone had arrived & then I got to open my gifts. Ava & I have been well & truely spoilt. With gorgeous outfits, including pink PJs for me :D , toilettries, pink nappy sacks, a beautiful hand crocheted rabbit by Sheena & lots more. Then there was the food, Niki had made the cutest cupcakes which we ate with pink (of course) lemonade, & melt in the mouth buttery shortbread Sheena had made

Ruth said the PJs probably wouldnt fit yet but would be good for afterwards, well of course I had to try ;)

We played "guess how many bon bons in the baby beaker", I was 1 out, but Sue got it spot on.
There was also a "guess the baby" competition which Ruth won

The lovely Fay gave out little crafting goody bags, as did Ruth. Ruth also gave the challenge to use another little bag of goodies on a scrap page of our baby photos - I didnt manage mine but I'm still planning on doing it.

We had takeaway that night as well, I had KFC while everyone else had chinese (yes, I'm awkward!),

We left at 12 but stayed up until almost 2 looking through the silhouette store on Niki's laptop.

Ava thought 5:15 was a fab time for a kick about, waking me up to the sound of birds singing outside. That day went way too fast, in no time at all Fay & I were packing up. We did get a team photo done though, yay!

While waiting for my train exhaustion suddenly hit, a happy kind of "I'm going to sleep for a week".

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Lotsa Inspiration

I have recently got back from a fantastic weekend away crafting with friends, more about that another day...

..right now I'd like to show you some of the layouts I made, following a lot of Jennifers posts she did for Focus your craft & Soul event.

This is my personal favourite, washi tape used as a mask, painted over with water colours.

Using squares & lots of frames

 Using diamonds, a 3x4 card for the title & writing within a frame.

This one was heavily inspired by a canvas Jennifer did. 

 These 2 were using up items I had a lot of - unfinished alphas were the majority of letters I wouldnt use, and blueish sequins

This one I also used an overlay over the photo

I still have loads of ideas from the event, and shall continue to use them this week :)

Friday, 15 May 2015

Focus Your Craft & Soul Blog Hop

Hi all, today I'm joining in with Jennifers Focus Your Craft & Soul blog hop. All weekend she'll be holding an event on her blog, Jennifer Grace Creates - she holds a couple a year & they are well worth checking out, & joining in (I always do).

You should have arrived here from Out of the Mire, if not then you can start the hop at Jennifer Grace CreatesJennifer Grace is giving away a WRK Insta Album Kit - enter to win by commenting on all the blogs in the Focus Your Craft & Soul hop! The giveaway closes on Sunday the 24th of May at 10pm BST, and is open internationally

Jennifer gave us the task to do a projects based on the theme "Focus".

Its a hard task for me at the moment, I'm finding being 26 weeks pregnant (almost 6 months) my focus is a tad all over the place. One moment its on cleaning, then I get distracted & I'm thinking how I need to list all the things the baby needs Vs all the things we have, then I get distracted by kids, food (normally food), & anything else going on, or that I need to do.

The craft project I want to Focus on though is getting my photos from when Zack is born (1999) scrapped, upto the present date - not as hard as it seems as theres only about 5 years that are not complete. So I'm starting with Focusing on my 1999 album.

I start with getting out my 1999 photos, most are in flip albums but some I've had reprinted. Then I check my 1999 scrap album to see what I've already done pages for. This gets entered into my spreadsheet...

The red is those pages I've done, the pale blue I havent done, the white I need to print photos off for.

I start off with the front page. All my albums have a front page of the year made up of the photos from that year using a program called Andrea Mosaic (You can download it HERE). I print it & create the front page

So next I go hunting for challenges. Normally I look for challenges & then match any of my photos that I think go with them. This time I have my 1999 photos. I decide on 2, the weekly challenge on UKScrappers, and Simple Recipes, also from UKScrappers.

As I finish each one I update the Spreadsheet.

I'm going to try & continue focusing on my 1999 album through out the Focus your craft & Soul event.

So from here you are now off to my friend Jo's at Curly Scrapbooker. Enjoy the hop & please keep coming back to see what else I come up with during the event as I'm bound to be joining in this week.


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