Monday, 14 May 2012

Neverending card

I have always wanted to try making a never-ending card just never got round to doing it (excuse the pun), so I decided to sit down specifically to make one.

On this last page there is room for any message I want to add.
This card wasnt as tricky as I expected so I think I shall be making more of these in the future ... watch this space!!!!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Scrapbooking: Dream

With this page I tried to incorporate the types of things I think of with sleeping as its a photo of Kai tring to get Makka Pakka asleep (not the best of photos admittedly as its blurred), so I went with stars, sleeping birds, moon, a sheep jumping over a fence (i.e counting sheep), clouds (I dont know why, it just comes to mind when I think of sleep).
Its very unusual for me to put 2 busy/striking patterns together but I found they worked on this page.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cardmaking: Union Jack

When I saw the topic of this weeks cardmaking lesson it didnt fill me with joy. I'm not particularly patriotic. Now, dont get me wrong, I'm not embarrassed to be British or English, I'm just not the sort to put up flags or shout it from the roof tops either. Union Jacks just don't do it for me, I think they've been used too often with negative symbols .

So I used the colours of the union jack to create this card........

...and I fell in love! I fell in love with the Tim Holtz medallion dies (I've made them by hand before & the die cutter is so much quicker & neater), and the Papermania Portobello Road papers. I now have the 6x6s, the free A4 ones that come with this months docraft creativity mage, and have the 12x12s on order incase I need them for scrapbooking.

Maybe its the Olympics, maybe its the Queens Jubilee, maybe its just the atmosphere & hype at the moment but somewhere along the way I am actually being won over & am beginning to like union jacks!!!! Not so much in the traditional design but with a little bit of thought behind it & artistic licence.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Just one sketch: Circles

I've almost finished the "Just one sketch" course, but not quite.
I started off my masking off a sheet of paper, leaving a circle in the middle. In this circle I misted with glimmer mists, leaving a pearlescent sheen. I then inked it in a dark greenish, very lightly ;-) making it a bit darker round the edges, especially at one side to try & add depth.
I then dunked bubble wrap in the same ink & stamped it hard in a line (you can just about see it in this photo under & behind Zacks photo).
I cut the letters using circular nesties out of shiney iridescent paper, I also used them to cut the photos into circles. After everything was stuck down I added the journalling in brown pen.
I think it definitely conveys bubbles, lol, & though it doesnt look anything like my original page from my sketch it most certainly is based on my sketch.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cardmaking: Weaving

Phew, its been a busy couple of weeks here & I have so much to show you! ... lets see if I can catch up a little.

In cardmaking class we had a lesson about putting paper weaving on our cards. Now, I have to admit, I've never been a big fan of this technique but I did manage to make a couple of cards that I think turned out quite well.

I started simple, weaving two 6x6 pieces of paper together, one patterned and pearlescent, and the other just plain white pearlescent. I secured the back with double sided tape before using a die cutter to make the circle in it. 
I added the ivory band down the side & chose a die cut sentiment in a matching colour. I threaded some ribbon through it & stuck on to the back of the weaving before attaching to the card (I had removed the circle from this earlier)

Next I chose a nice frame in ivory & simply added woven paper behind it. I mounted this onto pretty paper, and then mounted it onto ivory paper before sticking to the main card. I added a butterfly & sentiment, finishing off with 1/2 pearls down the body of the butterfly.

Maybe weaving isn't so bad after all :)


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