Saturday, 29 May 2010

Shadow box scrapping

I received 2 of these frames after Kai was born, but really didnt like the golden brown wood (the photo is rather flattering of it, it was much worse in reality), & couldnt think what to do with them. 3 years on & having made a few scrapbook pages I came across them again and decided they'd be fab to put some memories in, with the ability of being able to use more 3d items. I still didnt like the colour though :(

So out came the white satin paint (for the inside) and black spray paint (yes, almost everything here gets the black spray paint treatment). I then chose a baby style checked patternd paper, stitched along the lines to create more of a quilted design. I used this to cover the backboard.

I printed off photos of my childrens first scans and photos of them under 24 hours old. I used a precut border on the photos, raised by foam tape, and then raised the photos with foam tape again before fastening them to the back ground.
I used papercraft foam letters to spell their full names out next to the photos.
I played around a bit with the layout of the wrist/leg bands, I.D card and scan before fastening them down. I used a brad on the I.D to hide the hole already there.

Finally I added an embellishment on the corner of each, Zacks was off a congratulations card I received when he was born.

I also ensured that the 2 "pages" almost mirror'd each other.
Please excuse the masking of some of the written detail on the pages, but as I'm sure you understand putting someones full details on a blog, including full name, place of birth, date of birth etc is rather daft in this world of ID theft.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

21st birthday

It was my lil sisters 21st birthday last month, and like all crafty big sisters should I made her a card (or 2)
Thankfully Kim and I have similar taste, though whereas mine is rather retro, goth, black and red, eccentric, shes more modern, emo meets townie, grey and pink, zany in attitude, so making stuff for her taste isnt too hard.

The first card I kept simple, patterned card with a 3d skull sticker. The letters were domed, but didnt look right when I stuck them onto the embossed card so I covered them over with glossy accents. You could still see they were individually domed but it gave them a nicer finish.
The next card took a bit more work....
It started off a bit like an exploding box, but the inside was a bit different....
The circle is folded up and attached to the sides so it opens out when the box opens. Onto this I stuck the letters, bottle and glass. The numbers are stuck onto springs I made out of card so they stick out more and move.
I need to work on this design a bit more to use it again though as when the box is shut it isnt very tidy at all, and thats just unprofessional ;)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How do I love thee?.....

............. Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
Your material can reach, when worn out at night
For the ends of the hem giving ideal grace.
I love thee to be worn of every day's .....

Ok, thats enough of me trashing Elizabeth Barrett Brownings work, but I do really like this dress
Unfortunately I cant remember where I found this image except that it was while googling, and have been trying to find the same fabric ever since.

Its just so ...... ME!!! I would love to make something similar, with the 1950's inspired halter net dress, corset style sides and Jack S material. That would make 1 fine summer dress!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Altered shoes

As you have seen, I like altering shoes, and with the sun shining there are plenty of canvas shoes out in all different sorts of designs that are easy to create on.

These I got with the idea of making them match the dress I've just made to make it a bit more casual than with my heeled shoes that go with it.

By drawing around measuring cups and then painting with fabric paint I came up with these.....

But this isnt just a hobby for adults, kids love it as well..
And with pumps only costing about £1.50p (thats how much these cost) its a cheap craft for them that will keep them entertained on wet or dry days.
To make it even cheaper I let them use acrylic or poster paints, they stain them quite nicely, as many a school jumper sleeve will prove.

These are the shoes Kai (whose 3years old) altered himself.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

1st Easle card

As the Challenge over on Creative Craft World is an Easle card this month it gave me the perfect chance to have a go at one. I used a piece of shiney turquoise card for the base, and the background. I then took one of the beautiful pictures that the lovely OAP sent me and coloured it in with promarkers. I aged the look very slightly by using pale creams around the edge of the image.

On the image of the mirror I used a small amount of glossy accents to make it shiney & look more reflective. I then added the flowers to the corners.

On the base I used the craft robo initially on white card that I inked up with promarkers for the outer circle/pattern, and then circle of paper underneath.

I made a fimo hand mirror which I made sure a small mirror could be mounted on after baking, this was stuck down and used to prop the card up.

The card was made with my MIL in mind (she makes the most wonderful corsets and other period clothing), and was given to her on her birthday.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been given a Beautiful Blogger by Aly at Life's Laundry (thank you Aly :)

Here are the rules of the award:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

My List of 7 Things:
1. I was christened and raised CofE but found paganism at the age of 18 and chose to be a hedgewitch.
2. I force myself to be a positive person, if you can find the positive side of everything it helps makes the rough times easier to cope with.
3. I have an EXTREMELY sweet tooth and will happily eat demerara sugar.
4. I can fit my entire fist in my mouth but the dentist tells me I have too small a jaw
5. I would love to be thought of as an eccentric.
6. I like to prove a point, annoyingly so. (or as my OH is telling me over my shoulder, I Really Really have to prove a point)
7. I am ambidextrous, though I write with my right hand.

I pass this award on to the following people.
  1. Big H's World (some fabulous yummy stuff here)
  2. Blackdragon's Crafts (only recently discovered this corner of dark talent)
  3. Chatty Crafty Arty Pig (A mixture of crafts, homelife among other things)
  4. Color me Katie (A blog to make anyone happy)
  5. Country Heart and Home (talented cook, crafter & mother)
  6. Crafty Juju (Having recently become addicted to bracelet/jewellery making Julie has been sharing her wonderful makes ... which she also sells if anyones after a treat/gift)
  7. Creative Flourishes (Nicky always keeps me interested with trying lots of different techniques and crafting ways)
  8. Droplets in a Rusty Bucket (Amazing Card maker (among other crafts))
  9. Eat some more (Carmens journey with weightloss, she is doing AMAZING!! An honest and frank account)
  10. I speak Melsh (Mel cooks amazing dishes, is a fab crafter and shares an everyday account of her life with us)
  11. Its not Terrys, its mine (Another card making Guru)
  12. Savings now (helpful moneysaving tips)
  13. Subversive Myz (Oh boy do these crafty makes make me laugh!)
  14. Hand made heart felted (full of crafty inspiration)
  15. Rainmac's place (This ladies makes are always beautiful)

The big 30!

My internet now seems to be running a little smoother - actually, seeing that it wasnt working at all it is now running a lot smoother!

For todays Papercraft Thursday I would like to share with you some beautiful cards that some of my friends have made me for my birthday ... yes the big 30 :)

From top left
Paddington, Marg, Bunbun

Maroon one in the middle:
Made by my 2 sons, a cut out of a bat :)

From bottom left:
Rainmac, Furrypig and Choccy
The quality of the cards (as well as post-it note holder and magnetic peg from Rainmac) are all of a very high standard and I an honoured to be able to have them on display ..... thanks gals :) they truely made my day xx


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