Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Santa did a whoopsie!

When I saw Barbs card on Haunted Design House using Elfin Miller I wanted to do something similar and asked if I could use her idea, she kindly said yes :)

So here he is....
Once again I tried many different colours before settling on my fav.

The pants arent on the original digi image but with a bit of reworking I printed a few I'd found on clipart and stuck them on.
Underneath it says..
"Well I was ACTUALLY thinking of Santas List
when I said I wanted to make a good mark"
(written by Barb's friend, Beverly)

Underneath some others it says
"well I dont THINK its coal hes left this year"
Yes, I know, its devoid of all apostrophes etc but thats because they dont look right with the font I was using.

Now all I have to do is write the ones I need to hand deliver :)
How are you guys getting on with your christmas cards, do you send any?

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Pink & Green Christmas Cards

When I saw Simply Betty Stamp's Emo Christmas digi stamps I felt inspired, even more so after seeing Barbs card on Haunted Design House. I just couldnt get the pink and green out of my head.

I tried a variety of skin tones, colouring techniques and even sizes.
before settling on my favourite...
Can you see whats on her headband? Its the skull & holly that inspired me to make my own holly & the ......skull hairclips HERE.

The skulls in the tree also gave me the idea to make my own which you can find at the bottom of THIS blogpost.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Holly & the .... skull!

I gave Carmen a sneak peak at one of my Christmas cards, and began whittling onto her how the digital stamp I'd used was inspiring me to make a certain type of hair clip - the girl on the digi stamp was wearing a head band decorated with them, I shall show you these cards tomorrow, I just want to give them a chance to reach their new owners first
Carmen loved the idea and said once done she'd like to buy one off me ... so I decided to make her 2 as a christmas pressie instead.
Holly but instead of berries theres a skull! These are attached to simple black hairclips.

I made myself a larger one to attach to an alice band.
I'm loving finding ways to get skulls into Christmas :)

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Modern Vintage Pearl Bracelet

So a few pressies are filtering through the postal system and are finding their way to their owners ... one of which found its way to my polar opposite Kate from Liberty Cottage. If Kate & I were in a super hero movie we'd definately be arch enemies, thats how different we are, but we're not in a movie so we get on great instead :)

Kate mentioned on her blog a few weeks ago she liked this pearl bracelet, having learnt she likes these kind of bracelets I decided to make her one of the ones I make.
The flower is actually a brooch so can be worn with the bracelet or removed. The bracelets can then be worn as 1, 2 or all 3. Kat could even tie a ribbon aound them and into a bow as is the fashion at the moment.
The brooch was formed by a piece of lace sewn onto a circular piece of material and 3 "pearls" added. I added a brooch pin to the back to complete it. It easily goes over the 3 bracelets.

I love making pieces that people can easily change the look of to go with the style they are wearing and I think this bracelet does it quite well :)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Sticky Wreath

I dried out some sticks I'd collected and used them to create an egg shape (I was going for circular but it just wasn't working) which was to be the base of a wreath. I added some smaller twigs I'd received with some "rustic" decorations (they were tied in bundles to hang on the tree **shrugs**) around the wreath, and then attached 5 cinnamon sticks to the bottom to act as a framework to attach other bits and bobs. I then sorted through my other natural(ish) looking decorations and after finding positions for them that I found visually pleasing I attached them with the glue gun.

I attached a piece of twine to hang it by but found it lacked something so added a pinecone to the top and hung a rustic wooden christmas tree from it  :) It just kind of balanced it off a bit more  and gave my eyes something to focus on.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Matching a new colour theme.

Previously my hallway way decorated for Christmas using the colours silver and blue to match my denim curtains, as the colours in my hallway have altered I wanted to alter the christmas colours as well.... to classical red & green.

Last year I made this card wreath
This year I took it down to its bare ring and then turned it into this....
Much more in keeping with my christmassy theme :)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Altering Baubles

At this time of year I am rather busy, and the kids are rather excited so just before December, on one day that the kids were being particularly annoying lively I decided to get my spare baubles out for them to play.

It was a lot of gluey, glittery....
....good fun
They happily decorated their own trees with these on December 1st.

I even had a play later using papercrafts sticky back velvety roll.

Yes, skulls have even made it onto my christmas tree, YAY!!

I know Nicky from Creative Flourishes has done similar on her baubles to make characters, and v.posh looking baubles.

Have you tried altering any baubles?

Royal Mail has a Black Hole for Blog Prizes....

....obviously I cant prove this but its the way things look.

I have been lucky enough to win a few blog prizes over the past couple of years but I would say only 25% arrive. Other parcels arrive fine so why not ones I've won on blogs? I'm sure we'd all come up with similar theories. I feel a bit embarrassed contacting the blogs about this & response ranges from being ignored to, "I'll see if I can send another" (which ""surprisingly"" never arrives also). Maybe I should start naming & shaming but then I would feel like I was being mean and doing something wrong. I cant help getting excited when I win something but have learnt to wrap it up in a pretty little box with a bow until the prize arrives. Never count your prizes until they've hatched arrived.

To end on a happier note, here is a prize I recently won from I Speak Melsh
The book Mel made herself, as well as the card and embellishment.
The vintage papers are gorgeous and I now really want to get some in 12x12 to use in scrapping.
As for the chocolate, nom nom nom, I made them last all day :)


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