Monday, 31 March 2014

Scrapbooking: Wreath making

Where did March go? Its been such a busy month for me that it seems we have passed through it in a blink of an eye.

I have managed to do a small amount of scrapbooking though, one of which I followed a sketch from Scrapology & joined in the challenge to "use your stash". I certainly used up quite a bit of scrap paper & thoroughly enjoyed using gilding flakes on it....
I used the sketch for the right side of this double layout, and created the left side to add more photos.
When I saw the challenge I knew it would lend itself perfectly to a wreath shape, especially with a bow at the bottom!

Monday, 17 March 2014

#100happydays - Day 9, 10 & 11

Still taking photos every day but have been rather busy so here's a lil catch up :)

Cuddles with the cats - This is Banshee who frequently drives me crazy with her clinginess, this time she was being very cute though. She had climbed into the wide neck of my jumper, which I was wearing pulled over my knees, she then placed her head & front paws on my knees out of the jumper to snooze.

Sorry, yes, this particular brand of coke, especially with caffeine in is a lovely, happy treat. I am a total addict, cant have it in the house without drinking loads of it so I rarely have it now.

My hero :) Generally I am a very independent person when it comes to jobs around the house, that includes decorating, tiling, shelves etc, but every now & then I come across a job that needs 4 hands (3 handed jobs I can normally cope with ;) which is where Ryan, my hero, comes in very handy. This was one such day.

Friday, 14 March 2014

100happydays - day 8

A lovely soak in the bath (which there wont be a photo of!) after getting absolutely filthy cutting kitchen tiles. Loving playing with the electric tile cutter, and getting my kitchen looking nice. A great sense of achievement.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

#100happydays - day 7

Kai's graduation - proud mummy moment as Kai not only got his bronze certificate from the Childrens University, but also his Silver for attending over 60 hours of official extra curricular activities, these are such things as after school clubs & violin lessons. All those receiving certificates got to wear gowns & throw their hats in the air at the end .... so cute!
As a reward Kai was bought the Hungry Hippos game, which led to some fun family games.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

#100happydays - day 5

Good chatter, good food, lunch outdoors in the sunshine,a text from the other half whose working hard doing a job for me, 2 soppy daft dogs to fuss & play ball with, all while crafting with friends - lots of things to make me happy today :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

#100happydays - day 4

 My poor sons, they put up with so much when I've got the camera out (which is quite often), posing, smiling, different pose, smile, look at the camera, hello - wheres the camera! Yes, head AND eyes at the camera.

Midday, the sun shining, shirts on & into the park to explore & take photos. Lots of being silly & mentions of "poopy pants" to make Kai smile more naturally. It was a huge shame that many were over exposed - crud camera + me lacking in manual camera skills, but it we had a fun time, a few brilliant shots, and lots of exercise. PLUS ponies! how can little fat ponies not make you happy when you stumble across their field & give them a fuss.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

#100happydays - day 3

As I was making our tea (beef & blue cheese casserole) our old cat, Blue, came & nicked a frozen baby carrot. Not only was it rather amusing to see him carrying around the carrot & having to drop it quite frequently as it was very cold, but also made me happy that this old fella still had it in him to be sneaky :)

Friday, 7 March 2014

#100happydays - day 2

Blue skies!!!! AND warmth! The sun beating down definitely put a smile on my face, it dried the painting I was doing a little quicker, it was warm on my face & gave a sense of hope & expectation. I am really hoping it'll stay for the weekend so I can get some sanding done, really dont want to get dust all over the house by doing it indoors, as well as some spray painting (I love spray painting no matter how simple) and taking some photos.

Hooray for sunshine :D

Thursday, 6 March 2014

#100happydays - day 1 (& an intro)

While I browsed through Facebook I noticed Carmen had put up a very interesting link,, can you be happy for 100 days?
Its a simple challenge, take a photo of something that represents what has made you happy that day and share it. Sounds simple with a little bit of effort, and will help focus on the positives of life.

So here is todays happiness....
Walking to school today, on World Book Day, spotting all the different outfits on the kiddies .... probably a couple of hundred princesses, a dozen ironmen, twenty odd wheres wally (& yes, I did say I'd found wally quite a few times), vikings, witches, costumes in all different sizes. I also felt rather proud that Kai was in something a little different. He'd wanted to wear a Ben 10 outfit - yes, he does own a Ben 10 book - but all the shop ones stop at age 8, even though only 6 he tends to fit into age 8-9 clothes. so we gathered up a similar outfit, bought a green hoody & I stitched the white stripes he needed onto it & made a "10" badge.
I was also very proud of two friends who'd been discussing our childrens outfits with, theres were far more complex than Kai's, both made with care & attention to detail & absolutely breath taking - well done Deb & Mel.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Chatty Scrappers set a challenge.

On UKScrappers I am part of The Chatty Scrappers team, and this week we've set the weekly challenge.
It is to....
Use bright colours (after all this grey weather we could do with some & welcome spring :)
A Happy, cheerful photo
A project life card (bought, printed or made)
and to scraplift one of The Chatty scrappers

I scraplifted this layout from Ruth (aka Furrypig)
(You can read more about it HERE)

& came up with this....
As you can see I took two sheets of similar patterned papers, one yellow & the other multicoloured. I cut sun rays out of the yellow sheet & stuck it over the other sheet to create the sun burst effect.
If you look closely you can see 3 pairs of tiny spec's that I created by winding wire around a pencil & a pair of needle nose pliers for the fiddly twisting & wrapping
Rather Harry Potterish in their style.

Come join in with us, if you dont play on UKS (& why ever not!) then just leave me a link here  so I can have a nosey :)


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