Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy Spends

I have been a little bit naughty this week, I was given some birthday money early & have already been spending it on a few craft goodies.

3 Tim Holtz die cutters, with extended cutting plates for my big shot so I can use them properly.
Some spellbinder dies, I was thinking the crowns would be perfect if we do anything for the jubilee.
Double sided tape so I dont run out as NO WHERE local sells the acid free stuff!
Letters, numbers & birthday glittered peel offs, they were on sale & I know they will come in very handy.
& my bargain of the day 180 12x12 sheets of bright dots by My Minds Eye for a bargainous £14.99.  I clubbed together with a friend so that we could spend over £60 at craft superstore & get the free p&p, & 10% off.

I'm sure you'll be seeing me use these very soon.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Punished by a Cat.

 Banshee, our youngest cat, is rather attached to me & started sitting on my shoulders from a very young age. We had her from about 14 weeks old, she was rather nervous when she arrived but suddenly curled up on my back as I lay on the sofa .... & that was it, she's barely left me alone when I'm in since. As a kitten she'd even climb up my jeans to get to me when I was standing.

These days she prefers to lie on my shoulders, draping herself like an old ladies fox fur shrug ... I much prefer having a living one. This can get very tedious while I'm crafting though, & also can make my neck ache so I shrug her off (no pun intended). She has now taken up punishing me when I do this......

Yes that is the pile of craft goodies I want to use. She must be intuitive as she always seems to be able to lie herself on the exact thing I want to use. 

Here she is literally just taking flight off the back of the kitchen chairs to land on my shoulders as I was standing taking a photo of her. This happens multiple times a day, though I think she's got the idea that I wont let any of the cats anywhere near the kitchen when I'm preparing food, its only taken 7 years.
With her on my shoulders I did manage to finish the scrapbook page I was doing.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Years Day Menu Scrapbook page

With so much to record I decided printing out the text was the way to go for this scrapbook page, & not my usual style. A relatively simple page to show off my mundo feast I made :-)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dino Tears Scrapbook page

I'm quite enjoying recording memories in scrapbook form without photos.
I stamped a green piece of bazzil with green ink on a fern stamp and a tri-leaf stamp, leaving room for the journalling.
I then drew three simple dinosaurs on different coloured sheets of paper, cut them out & stuck them on.
I added the journalling & finished off with the title.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Egg Hunt Scrapbook page.

Though a simple layout I'm really happy with how this page turned out.
The bunny, & basket were done with sizzix cutters & the brown easter eggs were embossed with crackle (I think) embossing folder.
The rest of the easter eggs are stickers. The journalling I wrote on a piece of paper I cut with a nestie.
Finally I added the title, sticker letters..

Monday, 16 April 2012

Easter Fruit Basket

Being the Easter holidays it got me thinking of my Easters as a child, which lead to me doing an Easter layout, an Easter layout with a little bit of Christianity thrown in! Now I know some of you are will think me a bit strange saying that because of course Easter celebrations should have at least a bit of Christianity in them, but I've been celebrating Eostre for over 16 years & since no longer being Christian tend to avoid christian symbology, the same as any other religion apart from my own.

Anyway, back to the page.....
I wanted several types of fruit on this page due to it being a fruit basket, I used them in as many mediums as I could find to add texture and layers. I was also rather proud of myself for unwrapping not just one buy two cadburys creme eggs for the wrappers, & not eating them!
I created a slightly discrete cross shape on the page with strips of paper, ribbon, etc and then made a box net for the journalling, the box being symbolic of the box my grandparents would give us the fruit & eggs in.
Here you can see a wooden pair, a rub-on apple, a fabric sticker apple & cut out apples.
The journalling
The Title.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Angry Birds Birthday

Its been a busy couple of weeks with the children being off school where I have got little done in the way of crafting but did manage to sneak in a bit of crafting.

Kai had his 5th birthday which kind of had a Ben 10/Angry Birds theme to it with my makes taking on the Angry Birds theme.
First off....

An angry birds "Happy Birthday" banner using angry bird style writing on angry bird kinda coloured bunting.

Also, an Angry birds cake. Kai likes Asda's sponge cake so I bought a photo cake from there & used that for my base. With it being rectangular & covered in white fondant icing it was perfect to decorate (they also freeze & then defrost REALLY well.
I printed out an angry birds picture, traced it onto greaseproof paper & used that as my template. I could then roll out the fondant icing (I bought ready coloured), put the template paper on top & draw over it with an embossing tool. I'd then remove the template & cut the image out of the fondant before sticking onto the cake with a small amount of water.  It took the best part of a morning but I think it was well worth it.


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