Thursday, 16 July 2009

I had a few problems with this card, The red on the background is a bit streaky, ans I dont think quite positioned right.
Also, when I put the gloss over the coloured in girl the pens ran (they were only cheap pens so I should have known it would happen) but I kindof like some of the effects it made, such as in her dress and legs

This card was made thanks to Rusty, she supplied the images for the geisha and the background.
I have to admit, I do love the colours and the way it turned out.
I wanted to try a brown monotone card, and came up with this one I think it looks kind of old, antiqued maybe. I'd like to try doing another one but maybe distress it a bit more by curling & tearing the edges (not necessarily in that order :) )

Sleepy pink card

This stamped image is so cute, it just screamed out for pink, lol, & I normally hate pink.
I added a little brass bear embellishment at the bottom right corner to try & emphasise the cute teddy in the picture

Journal Jar and post it note holder with a difference

I decided to make my mom a Journal Jar type book and questions, I also fancied making a post it note holder, but added an address book so it could be kept by the phone to take messages or ring people, all in one place. I made all of them match.
Journal book and questions
Questions for the Journal
Post-it-note and address book holder
The address book, that can be taken out.

Anniversary cake

To help celebrate myself & my OH being together for 7 years I baked a chocolate cake, with chocolate butter icing filling and Milk chocolate ganache over the top

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Anniversary card

A couple of weeks ago my OH sent me the picture below to express how much he loves me, because the guy on it looks similar to how he did when we first started dating, & because he knew I would love it.

So for our 7 year anniversary yesterday I took it, altered it slightly - made her hair curly, removed the cross on her t-shirt, made the frame stop shorter at the right, & longer at the left. & finally added my own writing "I will treasure it forever".

I printed it, left it with a small white border, then stuck foam pads on the back, and attached it onto some black card, that I'd already stuck silver chipboard swirls in 2 opposite corners.

Here is the finished result:


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