Monday, 24 August 2009

Card embroidery

Over on the mse making cards thread the challenge was to make a card using stitches - well I love card embroidery, its time consuming but I love the finished effect.

Due to kiddies being on holiday I've been rather busy so havent been on mse much, but had to enter this challenge. I couldnt choose which one to enter, so heres a couple:
A fire breathing green dragon (I love dragons), The base card is mottled brown, and I scorched the base of it.

This snowflake pattern I took from my moms 1970's book that shows how to do it but putting the thread round nails rather than holes in card like I did.


  1. Wow K !!!! I bet they took hours

    They both look fantstic x

  2. I love how you've scorched the card, what a great idea! Both cards are stunning and look very time-consuming x

  3. Wow, wow, wow, they are stunning, hope you enjoyed making them, they look like cards that a lots of love has gone into the making x

  4. Brilliant cards K! So detailed...I'm old enough to remember when those nail art pics were fashionable - prefer your version.

  5. I think they are stunning K! Well done on being crafty not done anything for ages!



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