Monday, 8 July 2013

Scrapbooking: Asleep

The cat prints on this layout were made by cutting foam with a die cutter & then using it as a stamp. Didnt stamp brilliantly but I think that added to the effect. Plus I can always use it another time as a teddy bear .... whats that? You dont understand how a cats paw print can be used as a teddy bear?
Here's how...
Isnt that soooooooo cute! Have to admit that I nicked this piccy off the net as though my cat let me draw on its feet it would not let me take a photo! Does it not understand that we scrapbookers NEED photos?


  1. Oh that made me giggle - I can't imagine our cat that we used to have allowing us to do that. Love the use of pawprints on the beautiful beautiful layout!

  2. Love this page - and how cool are those cat prints across it?!?! Love the teddy version too LOL



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