Saturday, 11 August 2012

Scrapbooking: Artist at Work

UKS July week 4 challenge.

Your favourite colours = 10pts
A technique you love (to do OR to look at) = 10pts
Something you couldn't live without OR your favourite thing to do when you have 'you' time = 10pts
I used a sketch by Shimelle for this page, a great way of using acetate/vellum sheets.
I used my favourite colour combination - primary colours (plus brown)
My favourite technique - cutting shapes out of paper by hand & layering them up.
& to get the final 10 points, the page is about something I couldnt live without .... apart from the obviousness of my kiddies, I couldnt live without the little distractions I have for them so we can all play.

I used the brush end of my pen to do the writing this time, to match the theme of painting.

On the other side of the acetate is a photo of what Zack was doing while Kai was painting, I'll show you that one tomorrow.


  1. I love this one K and I love his descriptive words for the colours... I can almost picture Yoda Green :D

  2. You're so good at interpreting sketches - I always find it a little bit daunting and end up with layouts that all look the same! Nice work x

  3. I love it! I also love Kai's colours....I can picture them perfectly....:)
    Hugs xx



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