Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Scrapbooking: Footprints in the snow

October week 2's challenge was to use Folk song lyrics, Use only handmade embellishments, and use 3 photos
To be honest I already had the title in my head, and then googled it to see if it was used in any flk songs thinking that folksongs, just like country songs, are numerous and are about most things so surely there would be one out there somewhere that used "footprints in the snow". Not only was there one, but it actually used those words as its Title as well.

The clouds were cut out by hand & then sewn around the edge. I also used hand punched snowflakes, and a few I sewn on myself. I added glitter onto the letters and as footprints.

I used the same layout for the page opposite this one, photos taken on the same day...

I didnt want to cover either background papers up too much as I thought both of them were beautiful.
I replaced snowflakes, footprints and clouds with baubles, and the pale glitter with red. Due to being written in silver the camera hasnt picked it up but it is under the Merry Christmas.

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