Friday, 30 November 2012

Scrapbooking: A Dr Who type Birthday

This is where I think I shine, with paper piecing.

The Challenge was to use a Beatles Title, More than 4 lines of journalling, use black & white & finally use circles.

So I took the simple option & used "Birthday" from the 1968 album "The Beatles", the title is black and white, circles used on the Dalek & as you can see, more than 4 lines of journalling
Did I mention the Dalek? only once? I think I should mention him again as he is my pride & joy on this page, my labour of love. He ( I say he, but daleks are actually non-gender specific, they kinda sound a bit masculine though so I shall stick with he) is made from different shades of black paper and card, cut out by hand and layering them on top of each other.


  1. OMG - that Dalek is phenomenal! So cleverly done K! Love this!



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