Monday, 1 April 2013

Scrapbooking: Conwy Butterfly Jungle

Sometimes I look through my scrapbook albums and don't like some of the pages, usually the ones that I did when I first started Scrapbooking. Occasionally I'll sit down & redo them, one of these times was at the weekend away in Milton Keynes.


I cut each segment of the butterfly out so I could slip behind them the photos and patterned papers.
The butterflies are cut out from a sheet of paper & stuck on by their bodies so the wings can be lifted slightly.

The body is done using a curved piece of paper and distress ink on a pad.

Do you redo pages you've done a while ago & arent keen on or do you leave them as they are?


  1. wow K your finished butterfly is absolutely amazing. It is a work of it. I usually leave the layouts I'm not happy with...whether I'll go back and revisit them another time - I'm not sure! xx

  2. I have a pic off the half-finished butterfly...the end result is stunning!
    Alison xx

  3. I like the original page, but I absolutely LOVE the second version! A stunner!

  4. That photo doesn't do the page justice - it's even better and brighter in real life. I'm still amazed at all your cutting,

  5. Wow that's amazing I've never re-done a page - but love what you've done!



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