Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Scrapbooking: eclairstasty/curiouser & curiouser

I wanted to do a double page layout about our visit to wonderland, but I also wanted it to have, almost like a side note, about Kai having his first eclair before we went to Wonderland.

I treated it as a 4" by 12" layout for the "Eclairstasy" page, and a 20"x12" layout for the "Curiouser & Curiouser" page

 I tried to use eclair type colours for this page, including covering dark brown card with glossy accents to make it look like chocolate.

I printed out a picture of a queen of hearts card which I'd turned the opacity down on, which I then used as the background you can see. I added a red punched border to separate it from the eclairstasy page, and also used this at the other end of the 2nd page to pull it together.
I added a paper pieced hat, some tickets off my Secret Santa (Thanks Carmen) and some diamond patterned graphic 45 card which I again repeated on the other end (also from my secret santa)

 I chose to go for a more of a Tim Burton alice in wonderland feel for these pages rather than the more disney inspired look I've used previously (You can take a look HERE)


  1. I like how you'v got Kai's story with the eclair as a side note, very clever x

  2. Just fabulous - the look of dreamy pleasure on Kai's face as he takes a bite! Great choice of PPs for a busy and aMAZEing day ;-)

  3. Great pages...and I love how you've managed to squeeze in so many photos without it looking overcrowded at all.

  4. Lovely page. You have such wonderful, creative ideas!

  5. Oh is that Wonderland near Telford, we took said 12 year old when we used to live in Stafford - fond memories!

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