Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas All!

.....But especially to my Secret Santa (not so secret now)

Every year Carmen from Whoopidoo...ings sets up a Secret Santa swap between bloggers. Once the date has arrived she randomly allocates you a recipient to spend a minimum of £10 on pressies for them. You get an email listing information for your recipient & where you can stalk them to get ideas.

This is the third year I've joined in & its just as fun to collect the presents together as it is to receive them.

When my parcel arrived I briefly opened it to make sure it was from my Secret Santa & then hid it away so I wouldn't be tempted to open it before Christmas Day. On Christmas eve I opened it up a bit more to lay the gifts out & was touched by the fact that not only was there beautifully wrapped presents for me, but also for Ryan & the kids!

On Christmas day I carefully unwrapped the presents so I could keep the reindeers & other beautiful ribbons & embellishments my Secret Santa had included.

Isnt it all fab! Cake decorating items, yay! Wooden embellishments, yay yay! & a variety of shaped paperclips!!! I am super happy. The Thornton chocs are Ryans, while the kids got sweets & a pen each, which Kai had to immediately try out.
And I must draw your attention to the tiny origami Santa on the card, how cute is he!!!!

So who was my Secret Santa, the card, which I opened last, revealed it all. My Secret Santa is te talented Laura from Beads, buttons & birds. Thank you so much Laura, you have made me a very happy bunny :)


  1. Oh I'm so glad you are a happy bunny! You are more than welcome. I had such fun buying and wrapping for you. x

  2. Ah that's a fab secret santa hun, I enjoyed joining in again this year - such fun!

  3. What a fab lot of pressies, I loved joining in again. Merry christmas

  4. What a great secret santa....Happy Christmas to you.

  5. Oh that's brilliant - I have such a huge smile on my face finding these blog posts. I must get mine written about my very special Santa ;)

    Love that teeny tiny origami! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for playing again this year K - hope your Christmas was wonderful! x x x

  6. What a lovely set of gifts - and great self restraint on your part! Wishing you a wonderful time ...

  7. Ooh you got some yummy goodies from your SS... Hope you had a fab one! Happy new year! :)



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