Saturday, 21 February 2015

Maternity T-shirts

As some of you know I'm now in my 14th week of pregnancy with my 3rd child. Though planned we didnt really expect to have another child so almost all our old baby items have been given away, so we're starting from scratch.

First thing I needed was Maternity wear. Full of excitement we went shopping knowing most of the shops in our area advertise maternity wear online, only to find only 2 actually stocked maternity wear, & they were quite pricey. So online shopping it was. Plain tops were well priced but those with cute slogans etc were triple the price, so I decided to make my own.

I bought a set of tops from George, Asda, & another from New Look. I was lucky enough to have won some Cricut iron on vinyl in silver, red & white, so set up the Cricut Explore and started playing.

First the maternity tops.

One of my 2 personal favourites. The baby sits (at the moment) perfectly on my little bump, I'm hoping as my bump grows the baby skeleton will just rise up the bump.

Here is me wearing it today. I LOVE long t-shirts, and vest tops means I can layer up with shirts & cardis, or wear as is in the warmer Summer months.

This is Kai's favourite, he finds it hilarious. 

My weekly counter T-shirt, I cross out the weeks gone by. The numbers sit over the bump.

 The tops I got from George are both maternity & feeding tops so I wanted a design I could wear after the pregnancy as well.

The design moved slightly as I was distracted when ironing affecting the m & s unfortunately.

This is my other personal favourite as I love bats, this particular bat is from Miss Kate Cuttables, an online svg shop I adore.
This also shows how well it stays on after being washed & tumble dried, which was my my main worry.

I've only got a small amount of iron on vinyl left, maybe enough to do a baby vest or 2 :)


  1. wow look at you and your bump! Thanks for sharing that photo hun good to see you looking well and preggy! Clever clever creative crafty girl designing all those T Shirts/ might get some orders!!

  2. These are awesome! Love the my bump one best :D
    Congratulations x

  3. These are are so clever....and looking great.

  4. How have I missed this news??? So many congratulations K, am grinning madly here!

    I spotted a design similar to your first one but it was late on in the pregnancy so was a bit late to buy it! Am so pleased to see you've made one! They are all fab! Aw, am so chuffed for you all! x x x

  5. Congratulations - that's fabulous news and I love love love all your maternity items - absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Wow, these are great! I love the skeleton baby bump one :)

  7. Congratualation K, super news. I think you may have a little business there designing maternity tops. They look fantastic....i remember it being so hard to get nice maternity clothes when I had mine x

  8. Many congratulations and you look radiant! I love that "I 'm so crafty ...' slogan :). Hoping all continues to go well for you all.

  9. Hi K and a late 'Congratulations' from me too, I'm so out of the blogging scene, must, must, must get back to it, I do so miss it. Loving these shirts too, what a great idea and such good humour too. Hope you can locate some more vinyl, so your fashion creativity can continue. x



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