Tuesday, 7 April 2009

5 min choc cake in a mug

I had been meaning to try this recipe for some time now & after a lovely roast yesterday I felt like something sweet, but wasnt in the mood for any more cooking.

Heres the recipe I used.

& the finished product:

So its definately not the prettiest cake I've ever made but it was nice. I didnt put chocolate chps in but next time I will to give it a bit more flavour & texture. Its a rather heavy cake so 1 mug was too much even for a pudding pig like me. I swirled cream over the top when it was finished which gave it a bit more moisture.
It rises up over the top of the mug, I have to admit I was concerned it was going to overflow but apart from a few drips that you can see on the mug it didnt.
Ryan (my OH) makes a gorgeous microwavable syrup sponge cake so I may experiment with scaling this down to mug size.
I've quickly googled for other in a mug cakes but can only find the chocolate cake one, anyone know of any others?

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