Saturday, 21 April 2012

Punished by a Cat.

 Banshee, our youngest cat, is rather attached to me & started sitting on my shoulders from a very young age. We had her from about 14 weeks old, she was rather nervous when she arrived but suddenly curled up on my back as I lay on the sofa .... & that was it, she's barely left me alone when I'm in since. As a kitten she'd even climb up my jeans to get to me when I was standing.

These days she prefers to lie on my shoulders, draping herself like an old ladies fox fur shrug ... I much prefer having a living one. This can get very tedious while I'm crafting though, & also can make my neck ache so I shrug her off (no pun intended). She has now taken up punishing me when I do this......

Yes that is the pile of craft goodies I want to use. She must be intuitive as she always seems to be able to lie herself on the exact thing I want to use. 

Here she is literally just taking flight off the back of the kitchen chairs to land on my shoulders as I was standing taking a photo of her. This happens multiple times a day, though I think she's got the idea that I wont let any of the cats anywhere near the kitchen when I'm preparing food, its only taken 7 years.
With her on my shoulders I did manage to finish the scrapbook page I was doing.


  1. Love her name! Cats seem to have an sixth sense for putting themselves at the centre of your attention - no matter how inconvenient. x

  2. Cute cat, cute name..and, erm, slightly less cute behaviour!My friend's cat lies on her bag if she's going out.
    My Max retires to his own bed and just gives us those "puppy dog eyes".
    Hugs xx

  3. That flying cat photo is just surreal!

  4. That picture of her mid-air is amazing and must be deserving of a page al on it's own. maybe that's what she's trying to tell you. Scrap ME! :D love her. Tabbies are my favourite!

  5. Banshee the incredible flying cat! Our cat, Sherlock, apparently used to lie on his first "owner's" shoulders; but he has never tried this with us - he prefers laps or the back of the sofa, behind a favourite human.

    She's a pretty cat and I love her eyes. Had to laugh at the photo of her sitting with her back to you, right on top of the stuff you were using! She's a "proper cat" alright!

  6. WOW - amazing photo of a beautiful but, perhaps trying, cat. Well done on completing the page despite the interference. Nice to be loved and have a special relationship with a pet though!

  7. awww lovely pics hun,ive had a nosey round and what a fab blog you have,became a follower.
    hugs sandra xxx
    (from aly's crafty den)



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