Monday, 16 April 2012

Easter Fruit Basket

Being the Easter holidays it got me thinking of my Easters as a child, which lead to me doing an Easter layout, an Easter layout with a little bit of Christianity thrown in! Now I know some of you are will think me a bit strange saying that because of course Easter celebrations should have at least a bit of Christianity in them, but I've been celebrating Eostre for over 16 years & since no longer being Christian tend to avoid christian symbology, the same as any other religion apart from my own.

Anyway, back to the page.....
I wanted several types of fruit on this page due to it being a fruit basket, I used them in as many mediums as I could find to add texture and layers. I was also rather proud of myself for unwrapping not just one buy two cadburys creme eggs for the wrappers, & not eating them!
I created a slightly discrete cross shape on the page with strips of paper, ribbon, etc and then made a box net for the journalling, the box being symbolic of the box my grandparents would give us the fruit & eggs in.
Here you can see a wooden pair, a rub-on apple, a fabric sticker apple & cut out apples.
The journalling
The Title.

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  1. I love this...esp. the journalling and the different media and textures.
    Hugs xx



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