Saturday, 14 April 2012

Angry Birds Birthday

Its been a busy couple of weeks with the children being off school where I have got little done in the way of crafting but did manage to sneak in a bit of crafting.

Kai had his 5th birthday which kind of had a Ben 10/Angry Birds theme to it with my makes taking on the Angry Birds theme.
First off....

An angry birds "Happy Birthday" banner using angry bird style writing on angry bird kinda coloured bunting.

Also, an Angry birds cake. Kai likes Asda's sponge cake so I bought a photo cake from there & used that for my base. With it being rectangular & covered in white fondant icing it was perfect to decorate (they also freeze & then defrost REALLY well.
I printed out an angry birds picture, traced it onto greaseproof paper & used that as my template. I could then roll out the fondant icing (I bought ready coloured), put the template paper on top & draw over it with an embossing tool. I'd then remove the template & cut the image out of the fondant before sticking onto the cake with a small amount of water.  It took the best part of a morning but I think it was well worth it.


  1. Definitely well worth it - that cake is HUHMAZING! Makes me feel kinda daft for being so proud of the malteaser cake I made for Devvie's now. I had bought the wrong flour so couldn't make the proper malteaser cake base, Craig had the idea to google a easy chocolate sponge (using the flour I had) and I made that and put the malteaser icing and chocs on. The girls said they preferred it over 'proper' malteaser cake :D Happy accident!

    Always love seeing the parties you do for your boys :)

  2. Loving the banner and that cake is truly awesome!
    Hope Kai had a great b'day.
    Hugs xx

  3. Spectacular! What a great cake - well worth the effort - and I'm sure it was a party to remember!

  4. Very clever cake K, so much more personal than the shop bought ones. My sons still remember the character cakes they had when they were really young. x

  5. Well you know i am a HUGE fan of your cakes ;O)
    Well wow K thats gorgeous !!
    I bet Kai loved it !



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