Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cardmaking: Union Jack

When I saw the topic of this weeks cardmaking lesson it didnt fill me with joy. I'm not particularly patriotic. Now, dont get me wrong, I'm not embarrassed to be British or English, I'm just not the sort to put up flags or shout it from the roof tops either. Union Jacks just don't do it for me, I think they've been used too often with negative symbols .

So I used the colours of the union jack to create this card........

...and I fell in love! I fell in love with the Tim Holtz medallion dies (I've made them by hand before & the die cutter is so much quicker & neater), and the Papermania Portobello Road papers. I now have the 6x6s, the free A4 ones that come with this months docraft creativity mage, and have the 12x12s on order incase I need them for scrapbooking.

Maybe its the Olympics, maybe its the Queens Jubilee, maybe its just the atmosphere & hype at the moment but somewhere along the way I am actually being won over & am beginning to like union jacks!!!! Not so much in the traditional design but with a little bit of thought behind it & artistic licence.


  1. Oh K I was all disappointed as I started to read your post - as I'd worked on a layout last night using those exact papers, but as I continued to read I 'got' where you were coming from. The basic Union Jack albeit the national flag is OK but things in the style of are so much more fun. I was dubious that I'd be able to use these papers in an inventive scrapbooking way only to discover that I could - I've done all sorts with the 12 x 12 papers that I've got and the pack is almost gone - so I'm so glad that you are being won round! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  2. I know exactly what you mean. I think it actually has quite chavvy connotations as well now too. Unfortunately Craig is a sucker for anything with the Union Jack on so I have to reign him in a bit. I've let him have some sofa cushions and a rug for the back door. I have to watch him like a hawk mind you that nothing else gets slipped into the house *g*

    Lovely subtle card K :)

  3. Great card! Those dies are a great time saver aren't they :o)

    I made a union jack card yesterday to send to the USA as part of a mail-art exchange so I can't share it yet!

  4. I have so enjoyed seeing all the cards you have made in class, this one is fab too. So where did you order your 12x12 pad from in the end? Glad you managed to find it xxx



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