Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cardmaking: Weaving

Phew, its been a busy couple of weeks here & I have so much to show you! ... lets see if I can catch up a little.

In cardmaking class we had a lesson about putting paper weaving on our cards. Now, I have to admit, I've never been a big fan of this technique but I did manage to make a couple of cards that I think turned out quite well.

I started simple, weaving two 6x6 pieces of paper together, one patterned and pearlescent, and the other just plain white pearlescent. I secured the back with double sided tape before using a die cutter to make the circle in it. 
I added the ivory band down the side & chose a die cut sentiment in a matching colour. I threaded some ribbon through it & stuck on to the back of the weaving before attaching to the card (I had removed the circle from this earlier)

Next I chose a nice frame in ivory & simply added woven paper behind it. I mounted this onto pretty paper, and then mounted it onto ivory paper before sticking to the main card. I added a butterfly & sentiment, finishing off with 1/2 pearls down the body of the butterfly.

Maybe weaving isn't so bad after all :)


  1. You know, these cards look stunning, K! Really very gorgeous! If you gave one of these for a wedding etc, they'd be so impressed (and if they didn't know you'd made it, they would believe it was an expensive shop-bought one!!)
    Lovely, gorgeous - I am definitely a fan of your paper weaving!

  2. ...and I just saw your post from 23rd March (about Ryan and about the book I made). Not sure how I missed it - I think I missed a lot of blog posts from my friends recently. So sorry. Have left a little comment there now.

    Thank you for posting about the book and I hope all's well with Ryan's work now...

  3. ooooh very classy cards! They are so elegant and definitely a wedding springs to mind (have you got something to tell us???) I want to come to your card making classes as I have loved everything you have done so far!



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