Friday, 14 September 2012

Scrapbooking: Bluey in a box

A page made by following week 9 of 52 layouts step by step.
The blues were to match blueys name, the grey to match his fur & the oranges to bring out the colour of his eyes more .... plus they all go wonderfully together.

I was tempted to put the title as "you dont get chinese food fresher than this" ;-)
Could be taken as in poor taste though (excuse the pun).


  1. great page and you're right it is a great colour combo. Did you use a punch or a die cutter on the edge of those papers? It looks fab xxx

  2. LOL - a very handsome (and opportunistic) cat - love the colour combo.

  3. Fabulous colour palette! Perfect for your very handsome cat!
    Hugs xx



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