Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Scrapbooking: Spooky

The kids have been back at school for over a week now, I naively thought that after the busy, spontaneous filled holidays I might get a bit of work/play balance (I cant really say work/life balance as being a stay at home Mom my work is my life & visa versa). I seem to be doing a lot of work work work though, & not my ususal jobs either. I constantly seem to be either playing catch up or rushing round. I get the shopping done, help my sis decorate, help my Mom on the computer, rush home to get Kai from school then rush round to get the house tidy & meal on. In my head I'm thinking I havent visited or contacted the inlaws for ages & really should, that I need to write Zack a note for school, that I have paint waiting to be put on the walls, I need to ring the landlord to get the windows fixed etc etc etc &  it goes on & on; So I decided I'd had a busy week, that I'd spend the weekend doing minimum jobs to give me time to scrapbook.

I scrapbooked, filled the kitchen with paper, stamps, inks, punches and more. There wasnt a single space left & I enjoyed it SO much.

Heres one of the pages I made...

I'm starting to run out of Halloween photos :-OThis page was for last weeks UKScrappers challengeUse an Autumn themed photograph - HalloweenUse leaves on your layout - TickUse the typical autumn colours of orange, yellow and green - Well I used Orange & Green

The page is basically a collage of pieces from other Halloween pages. I had a lovely sheet in green with bats & swirls round the edge, I was going to use that as my background sheet & then decided it was too pretty to use in just one page so cut some of it out, you can see it on the left.Then I saw the skull with Haunted written on a banner, I didnt want to cover any of that sheet up either so cut bits out of it. These were stuck down onto a sheet covered in orange bats.With a few stickers, an ornate area to journal & an embellishment to finish it all off.

Anyone else notice there's suddenly a nip in the air in the mornings? I feel Autumn is definitely on its way.


  1. Wow! That looks a scary costume! And with a coffin?! Aagh! Great page, love the font and the swirls.

  2. Fab page - glad you managed some creative time for YOU :o)
    Definitely a nip in the air up here - I was really regretting that we still have a summer duvet last night - bedding change needed soon methinks!

  3. Great page and even better that you managed some "me" time.
    I think Autumn is def. on its' way.
    Hugs xx



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