Sunday, 16 September 2012

Scrapbooking: Kai's class.

Week 10 of 52 layouts step by step, with a few small alterations to make it fit my needs which I think is the best way to follow tutorials, to take them & run with them. The main alteration is the piece of acetate I used. Its attached to the page by tape hidden under the grey strips of card. By using acetate I could trace the outside edges of the children with marker pen & number them. Rather than putting journalling to the right of the image I put the outlines, I then wrote the "key" below, with each childs name next to their number.

I matched the colours with their uniforms, the bunting with the bunting behind them, and the odd bit of school stationary.

Obviously I've had to swirl up faces, school logos etc to hide the kiddies privacy, I'm sure you understand, but you do get the jist of the page.


  1. I really like the acetate and key - in the years to come Kai will really appreciate that :)

  2. that is a great idea. I did something similar for a team footie page for Elliot. I photocopied the photo just in B&W and stuck it to the back of the LO page with everyone's names written on it.

  3. Now that is clever K and love the way you've echoed the school colours too.

    I always write the names in order on the back of the official photo as I know that we'll half of forget them in 10 years time ... who am I kidding? I'll have forgotten by this time next year! ;)

  4. i love this what a brilliant idea x



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