Saturday, 28 December 2013

Rag Wreath tutorial

Before Christmas is totally over I'd like to share with you a few of my christmassy makes, starting with a rag wreath.
So how to make it....
Start with some material, these can be scraps, ribbon - I mainly used a christmassy tea towel, tartan table cloth & an old pair of black trousers - a wire ring (or 2, 3 etc attached together), and some decorations.

Cut the material to strips of about 1" by 6", then knot them to the wire ring

Keep going until the ring is full.

At this stage it'll look rather flat, all you need to do is turn a few of the pieces of cloth so they stick out at odd angles.

Finally add your decorations, you can glue them on (glue gun works well) wire, or tie them on. I wired on a "I believe in Santa" & tied on a Santa ornament.

Finally add ribbon to hang it up by.

EDIT: I've been asked where/how I got the wire ring, I got mine from a florists though I have seen them on markets & I'm sure craft shops which have flower arranging items would also have them.
Of course you might be clever enough to make your own with some thick wire & some soldering.


  1. that is wonderful but how did you get the 2 wire rings to attach to each other? Not sure I could do a double one...... would a single one still look ok do you think?

  2. Oh K that's gorgeous - where did you get the wire ring from? Presumably some sort of hobby shop? I would never have thought to use Christmas teatowels - genius!

  3. Brilliant K, i've seen these before but not made one......yours looks so good i'll have to put one on my Christmas list for next year x



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