Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Yummy Christmas Decorations

For my last Christmas of the year (and for a little while yet) I'd like to share with you a few of my not so perfect looking, but definitely yummy tasting, Christmas decorations.

Once a month I meet up with a small group of friends to craft together. We take it in turns to hold it at our houses and provide snacks & lunch. In december its normally held at my house so I like to reflect the season in the food I provide.
 This time, for the snacks I made a "Roses tree" a polystyrene tree, covered in green tissue paper & roses attached with a pin after the top twist of the wrapper. This tree was very popular over Christmas and, at the current time of writing this, has been filled 2 & 1/2 times - 1/2 because, as the tree was half bare and there were no more Roses sweets left (it takes almost a whole tin for this 30cm tree), I opened the celebrations & started using those.

I also made gingerbread sleighs to hold Elizabeth Shaw chocolates in. I havent made anything 3d out of gingerbread before & need to find a better recipe as this one was quite tricky and could have done with cooking a bit longer. As you can see, I need to practice my icing technique as well.

 Here is a clearer view of the sweets inside. Elizabeth Shaw sweets (a range of amaretto & mint ones) with layered die cut circles in top & underneath.

Once the gingerbread was eaten they were then transferred to this sleigh.... 
Made using the Sizzix bigz die - Sleigh favor box that I borrowed from a friend. I do love these sizzix dies as you can cut thick card which is necessary when using heavy contents.


  1. Oh wow - the trees look fabulous and the gingerbread sleigh is fantastic, we've always used the BBC Good Foods recipe for gingerbread and not had too much trouble with it (there's also a template to create the house on there). Loving on Christmas items you've made and how fabulous to catch up with crafting friends once a month!

  2. love the sleighs both edible and card...very useful to way to present your choccy favours...can I just point out they are Elizabeth Shaw chocs, Elizabeth Arden is the perfume/make up person lol! xxx

  3. Love both the trees and the sleighs....must look out for that die!
    Alison xx

  4. Very creative! What a great sociable idea, I wish my friends were into crafting!



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