Monday, 30 December 2013

Simple Kitchen Decorations (& a tutorial)

Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration, so when I saw a pin of decorated kitchen cupboards I knew I wanted to try & do my own.

I bought some wired ribbon, and raided my box of spare christmas decorations.

 So I can use them easily year after year I attached the ribbon together on the back of the door with a pin
I then set about making the decoration for the front, 2 plastic candy canes glued together using a heat gun, 2 bells, threaded with bakers twine & then hung over the candy canes & finally a bow glued to the front. All this was then glued onto the ribbon on the cupboard door. This was repeated for all of the cupboards that hang on the kitchen wall.

A simple decoration that was quick to make but looks great.


  1. OMG K - wish I'd seen these before Christmas - absolutely fabulous idea! And love the fact you can use it again next year!

  2. Love this idea. Will definitely try and remember to do next Christmas.
    Hope you are Ok. Sorry I've been off the radar lately but I'm feeling better now. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and best wishes for 2014.
    Love Lesley xx



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