Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Scrapbooking: With an online newspaper article

In the "olden days" I'd have bought a paper, clipped out the article and worked a layout around its shape, nowadays I tend to read newspapers online so the layout is a lot more straight forward...... I say that but when I came to print it out it wasnt quite so simple as there was all sorts of line breaks  and weird goings on that made it 3 A4 pages long! I opted for a mixture of screen prints and copying the text to try & recreate the article in Microsoft Publisher, very easy to do.

So now what to do with this article on a scrapbook page? Well, I saw Niki's blogpost called "start with a sketch: into orbit" and knew what I wanted to do...
I know, I know, I've had to blank loads off but if I hadnt I might as well just have written my sons school address on here. There was no need for journalling or a title as it was all there in the article. A few little pretty bits following Niki's sketch & an arrow to show where Zack is in the photo


  1. That's fab, at least you got it scrapped!

  2. It looks the arrow.

  3. LOL I was wondering about the gaps in the text ... then I read tat you'd hidden bits! Great idea for a page.



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