Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Never Ending Dream to be Frizz Free.

I was sent a set of Frizz Ease products to try out & talk to you about, so heres how I got on...

Au Natural......

This is my hair without any product in it, though I really dont like these kind of shots it does give you an idea of how these products alter it.

These are the products I was working with....
T-Gel - because I have a problem scalp
Conditioner - any for curly hair or dry hair will do
Serum - Anything cheap or on offer will do :)
Tony & Guy curl defining oil - to keep the curls shape without frizz
& this is what they create.....
A much better photo to compare the frizz ease products to as I want something better than what I've already got.

Frizz Ease Products
Dream Curls Shampoo - "Cleanses & adds hydration for salon perfect curls" (this is what it says on the packet)
Dream Curls Conditioner - "Detangles for defined salon perfect curls"
Nourishing Oil Elixir - "Nourishes & smoothes 2x the frizz fighting power"
Go Curlier, 48 hour curls, heat activated spray - "creates salon smooth curls that last upto 48 hours"

& the result....
Curls are slightly tighter & more defined. They feel softer(no crunchy mousse/hairspray type feeling), my hair is in great condition.

So lets briefly look at the products individually

Dream curls shampoo...
Great amount of froth from a small amount of shampoo, goes through wet hair easily, cleans it really thoroughly without drying it out. Swills out easily leaving no residue.

Dream Curls conditioner
Not a creamy feeling conditioner at all but does exactly what it needs to. Quite a deceptive conditioner as it didnt feel like it was doing much by its texture, or the way it swills off leaving no residue what so ever, but my hair is most certainly healthy having used it for the past few weeks, & having all the residue swilled out means my hair doesnt go greasy or get weighed down.

Nourishing Oil Elxir
I love this stuff! Its like a serum that moisturises your hair while helping combat frizz. It goes on the hair easily, combs through wet hair easily & leaves a wonderful shine. At fighting frizz I find it as good as any decent serum, but with the added bonus that it moisturises the hair as well.

Go Curlier 48 Hour Curl Heat Activated Spray
This didnt actually make my hair anymore curlier than if I'd used other products & a diffused it (which is how you're meant to heat activate it). My curls did last 48 hours! but thats because my curls have generally lasted a lifetime so no surprise there. HOWEVER it did allow me to have my hair down & curly without it feeling crunchy at all, it left my hair soft while frizz free & nice to look at.

Will I be buying them & continuing to use them?
Though they dont make my hair curlier, they do work lovely with the curls I have so I most certainly will buy them again. They arent cheap, ranging from £6 to £10 each on average, so I shall be stocking up on them only when they are on offer (At the time this was posted Asda had 3 for £10 on frizz ease products so guess who bought some of the more expensive items)

Come back tomorrow to see how they got on with the ULTIMATE FRIZZ TEST!

Please note, these opinions are all my own, as a buzz agent I was sent these products to test out & talk to people about giving my honest opinion & reporting back, so, what do you think?


  1. Sounds like they really suit your hair....the photos definately show a difference.
    I do think John Freida are good products....I use the volume products [when on special offer!] and find they work really well.

  2. Oh my they do actually make a difference, your hair really is beautiful! However with non curly hair I'm more interested in the benefits of the neutrogena shampoo LOL, although wonder if the products might tame my ultra thick hair which is now bleached and I have to be careful it doesn't get too dry mmmm might give them a whirl!

  3. I like the sound of the oil...May give it a try...I can certainly see the difference in that last pic!
    Alison xx

  4. Sounds good K! I also have frizz problems, which are worse now than they used to be. I've tried various products, but most aren't much help. I think I will have a go with some of these Frizz Eaze products too and see if there's any improvement!
    Thanks for sharing the results (and I love the cool "after" photo!) x



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