Sunday, 27 April 2014


Yesterday you saw me test a range of Frizz Ease products (if not, check it out HERE). This was done in my usual styling manner of wetting my hair thoroughly, towel drying & then putting the products on, but what happens if the water gets turned off? or rather, can these products cope with my hair without some H2O help?

Lets start at the beginning, my hair, dry, & combed through...

yup, I got BIG frizzy hair ... its fine but there's lots, & I mean LOTS of it

So I added the Nourishing Elixir..
It helped a bit, & gave a lovely shine but I'd have to use most of the bottle to get rid of all the frizz, & that would also have left my hair looking greasy.

Then on went the Go curlier 48 hour curls heat activated spray. I had to dampen my hair first as thats what the instructions said, & diffuse it afterwards.

Again, it helped a bit, but I certainly couldn't go out looking like this, it reminded me of the 1980's/90's crunchy perms.

So, these products are great with a little bit of work behind them, but if you think you can have hair like mine & get up, comb, add product & go, its still a dream.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Frizz Ease though, to be one of the only companies who have adverts on tv that allow people to have CURLY HAIR! so many others go on about "oh no, curly haired person, you must have it straight & smooth", while I do straighten my hair on the odd occasion (its tiring on my arms & only lasts a day, IF the weathers right), I usually have it curly & do not want to be made a freak for that. Well done Frizz ease for realising that.

Please note, these opinions are all my own, as a bzz agent I was sent these products to test out & talk to people about, giving my honest opinion & reporting back, so, what do you think?


  1. Me too! If I spend time (hours!!) straightening my hair, it only lasts a few hours before reverting to type (and even quicker if the weather is damp). It seems that if you have curly hair you're expected to want it straight - but like you, I don't. It's good that someone has bothered to develop a product range for curlies. I've used the serum for a while and it's pretty good, but I do like the sound of the oil conditioner and I might well give the shampoo/conditioner a try-out when my current ones run out.
    Thanks K! X

  2. PS. What's a "buzz agent"?

  3. I can't understand the fad for straightening curly hair - yours is glorious - when tamed/defined slightly by product. Great reviews x



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