Friday, 5 August 2011

Rocking MY World Friday for loads of ideas

Carding Mill Valley with my lovely kiddie winkles, niece, nephew & Sister In Law

1/2 price mini sandpit in the sales (£7.50p, bargain!!!)
Finding new appreciation for old toys

Kai's developing artistic skills
My little Ponies
Zacks developing cooking skills (he made us prawn toast the other night, mmmmmm)
Warm Days
FABULOUS support & comments from both my twitter & blog followers, they really do make writing here well worth it.

So whats been rocking your world? Link up at Celtic House


  1. Great list Kirsty - takes me back to summers when my boy was young...aah.
    I'm loving Pinterest too - one of my boards is "Men to Love"...Ryan's on there...sigh.
    So glad you appreciated him. :)
    Hugs xx

  2. Fabulous list sweetie, I loved your post for your day out earlier in the week - you seemed to have great fun! Also loving the artwork - is that heading to a scrapbook page shortly?

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend




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