Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How to make Foam Frames.

I spotted a frame making kit at a reduced price & bought it with the thought "I'm sure we can make our own as well". I picked up a pack of foam from poundland as well as some foam shapes. On a day when Kai was getting upset because the big boys were playing big boy games that he couldnt join in I got them out.

Kai started off using the kit, decorating its frame while I cut out frame shaped pieces of foam - I kept to the basic rectangle hole inside a larger rectangle but I'm sure with a bit of time & patience you could cut some really intricate designs out.
While Kai decorated these frames I cut scrap card out, slightly small than the frame and stuck foam sticky pads along the edge, leaving a slight border and a gap at one end.

When Kai was done I stuck this onto the back of the foam
These pads leave a nice gap so a photo or picture can slide nicely in & be changed for another when you want

(Sorry for the blurry picture, my camera refused to focus in on the foam)
Finally I used tape to attach string to the back of the foam so the picture could be hung up


  1. These are fantastic !! Great to see that Kai has inherited his mums craftyness ;O)
    Choccy xx

  2. They are really seet k and he has very good composition with all the embellishments! Hope you have had a good summer and hope we get to 'chat' soon it has been soooo busy here, I have missed you! Hugs xxx



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