Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Week to the end of the Summer Holidays

Yes, only a week to go in this house, & my mind is already on the other side, the side that is planning what to do with 6hours kiddie free, even turning towards Christmas ideas :-O But thats a whole other blo post.

So, as I've had a lil break from blogging, how about I spend this week recapping on a few of theactivities I've been doing with the kiddies .... well, more like mainly with Kai as Zacks amused himself a lot of the time by going bowling, playing with friends etc etc

Lets start simple...
We did good ol' painting .... I find a good use for the abundance of charity bags we end up with is to put them over the backs of the chairs - that way, when Kai climbs down to go wash his hands, he doesnt get hand prints on the wood.

Gluing with sequins & confetti .... last year Kai decorated a mini wooden bird house with felt tips & stickers at our local shopping centre; This year he painted it & when dry added sequins & confetti.

I found some kits in Wilkinsons which were paintable plywood jigsaws, they were only £1!!!! bargain I thought. I chose a dinosaur one (Kai is crazy on dinosaurs) thinking Kai could paint the jigsaw pieces & Zack could paint the base. As it happened Zack was busy else where so Kai happily did both.
I'm sure if you are fairly adapt at using a hack saw or a jig saw you could easily make your own.


  1. Doesn't seem possible it's only a week to go. What with the house move I feel like the kids haven't had much of a hols this year so have been trying to cram it in to these last couple of weeks. Our break to Loch Ness was last week where they were able to just run and run in the forest and we found lots of cheapy/free out of the way places and this week we hope to visit Leeds Castle and go for lots of walks.

    I love that carrier bag idea - so simple and yet - genius!

  2. Brilliant bag idea - you ought to copyright it! :)
    Love the photos and what fun Kai has had.
    Hugs xx

  3. Great photos, you've been keeping him nicely occupied! X



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