Friday, 23 September 2011

Rocking MY world Friday

So yet again its friday, a day I look forward to every school day as it means the hope of a lie in the next day... or at least a morning not spent rushing around at silly oclock.

This week I have refound my mojo, I have been able to craft as you shall see when I shop you next week, not only craft but enjoy crafting.

I found money in my wallet that I'd forgotten was there :-)

We've managed to get both the kiddies main presents at bargainous prices, woohooooooooo!

I've started jogging again &, though starting for step 1 again I am really enjoying it.

I have that christmassy feeling starting to grow inside, that warm snuggly feeling, that tinge of excitement. The looking forward to early, cold nights with a warm cup of hot chocolate & crafting on my lap, or a good programme on tv, talking about programmes I've discovered some really great ones. I am loving both Haven & Alphas, I'm also catching up on Chuck (I'm 2 seasons behind). Supernatural season 7 starts tonight in america, & the new season of big bang theory has recently started - fab shows to watch while crafting. Can you tell I like my sci-fi?

So what have been your highlights of the week, how about sharing them with us, popping over to Celtic House to link up so we can come visit :-)


  1. What a lovely list - so glad your mojo has returned (if you see mine can you send it back please?).
    And well done on finding both money and bargains!
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. Oh what a lovely list and the thought of finding money in your purse you'd forgotten about verging on miraculous because it's never happened to me! Loving the idea of great presents at bargain prices K!

    Hope you manage a relaxing Saturday morning and beautiful and blessed weekend!

  3. Hiya Hun you are the only other person I know who watches Haven... I do love it and I am excited that season 2 starts soon! I have just tried to look up Alphas on my tv search tool thingy and it doesn't come up is it a series you are watching on DVD?? I am intrigued as I love Haven and thought it might be a new addictive tv show for me!!!

  4. love Big Bang in this house. we all do except Craig he hates all that "American rubbish". He had a bad back the other week and was laying on the floor. We put Big Bang on and he literally tried to swim across the floor to get away, couldn't stand up. Did we help? Did we heck, to busy nearly wetting ourselves laughing at him!

    Am starting to get that warm snuggly feeling too. Love autumn.



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