Tuesday, 23 October 2012

UKS pre-crop challenge: Foxglove

This was a class on UKScrappers, on making a page with hexagons. The original design was using foxgloves but I adapted this for photos of Kai taking his first walk outside.

The footprints I stamped using foam I'd cut into shoe shapes & cut patterns into.

I was a little disappointed by how many of the smaller hexagons I ended up covering up, but was very happy with the colours, title and footprints.

Anyone else joining in the pre-crop challenges on UKS?


  1. Love the hexagons and well done on the footprints!
    Hugs xx

  2. Those footprints are adorable!!

  3. well i have listened to Miss Smith's 1st podcast today and I wonder if I also have an aversion to hexagons! It could explain my problem lol!!!

  4. That's a gorgeous layout, I'm loving the footprint stamp - been looking for something similar - never thought to actually make one myself!!! Yes I've been doing the pre-crop challenges as well. Although I've got stuck on the tag challenge - I don't like the layout I've done and have no idea how to recover it (if recovery is even possible) LOL



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