Sunday, 28 October 2012

UKS pre-crop challenges: Design Tips for Dummies

Taniwha created a video, using her design background, to show us a few tricks of the trade when it comes to designing layouts, what works & what doesn't. She also made a class to follow to create a page. Heres the one I made.....
Plenty of washi tape with a colour scheme of red & black (as they are so stereotypically oriental) & blue (to match the main other colour in the photo)


  1. Oh that's a fabulous take on the class, I really struggled with the class (no idea why) but having seen some gorgeous creations including your own think I may have to give the page a whirl again!

  2. This is a lovely bright page! I especially like how you've grouped and placed those washers?/buttons? around the page to pull the eye round the photo. Hope you continue to enjoy the crop :).

  3. Great page, I love all the washi tape! x



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