Friday, 7 March 2014

#100happydays - day 2

Blue skies!!!! AND warmth! The sun beating down definitely put a smile on my face, it dried the painting I was doing a little quicker, it was warm on my face & gave a sense of hope & expectation. I am really hoping it'll stay for the weekend so I can get some sanding done, really dont want to get dust all over the house by doing it indoors, as well as some spray painting (I love spray painting no matter how simple) and taking some photos.

Hooray for sunshine :D


  1. Nothing like blue skies to raise the spirits....apart from chocolate,of course!!

  2. Send some this way they are still missing in Yorkshire!

  3. It just makes you feel so much better doesn't it? have got so much more done, painting wise, today because I could put it outside to dry :)

  4. oh yes..the sun really does make the place brighter x



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