Monday, 10 March 2014

#100happydays - day 4

 My poor sons, they put up with so much when I've got the camera out (which is quite often), posing, smiling, different pose, smile, look at the camera, hello - wheres the camera! Yes, head AND eyes at the camera.

Midday, the sun shining, shirts on & into the park to explore & take photos. Lots of being silly & mentions of "poopy pants" to make Kai smile more naturally. It was a huge shame that many were over exposed - crud camera + me lacking in manual camera skills, but it we had a fun time, a few brilliant shots, and lots of exercise. PLUS ponies! how can little fat ponies not make you happy when you stumble across their field & give them a fuss.


  1. Your boys are gorgeous lads! I love these two shots too - so well posed, but also a bit natural looking too. Both definitely keepers - and the photos ;-)

  2. Great shots - sounds like a good day!

  3. Ah they are fab shots, and will make an awesome layout or two

  4. Great idea for shots. One thing I would like to suggest is to use the brilliant free PicMonkey for online editing of photos. You don't have to pay to do lots of effects and one I use a lot which you may find useful is the straightening tool. You can also write text on your photos too. It is a good idea to put your copyright name on your pics so that unscrupulous so and sos can't use your precious pics for their own means. Not only that, you can correct exposure problems at a click of a button too. Hope this helps, do give me a nod if you need any further help. Nicky{Creative Flourishes} x



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