Monday, 17 March 2014

#100happydays - Day 9, 10 & 11

Still taking photos every day but have been rather busy so here's a lil catch up :)

Cuddles with the cats - This is Banshee who frequently drives me crazy with her clinginess, this time she was being very cute though. She had climbed into the wide neck of my jumper, which I was wearing pulled over my knees, she then placed her head & front paws on my knees out of the jumper to snooze.

Sorry, yes, this particular brand of coke, especially with caffeine in is a lovely, happy treat. I am a total addict, cant have it in the house without drinking loads of it so I rarely have it now.

My hero :) Generally I am a very independent person when it comes to jobs around the house, that includes decorating, tiling, shelves etc, but every now & then I come across a job that needs 4 hands (3 handed jobs I can normally cope with ;) which is where Ryan, my hero, comes in very handy. This was one such day.


  1. Our cat can be so cute - but also so naughty. Sounds like Banshee is the same.
    Sensible to not buy cola often - its just so very bad for us. But last Tuesday I really fancied some coke, so I bought a little bottle at the sports centre. You know, it took me 2 days to drink just that little bit - but it was a treat & I really enjoyed it. Prob won't want any more now, for months!
    And of course, every superhero needs a side-kick -so you have Ryan (sounds better than Robin!)

  2. Yep - we have now banned the kids (unless we are on a day out or something but then they generally choose fizzy water) to just the weekends for our Diet Cola. And then we only buy two bottles which has to do all 5 of us. When it's gone, it's gone till the next week. They were getting through loads of the stuff.

    Love your kitty - what a face! And yay for heroes!



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