Thursday, 6 March 2014

#100happydays - day 1 (& an intro)

While I browsed through Facebook I noticed Carmen had put up a very interesting link,, can you be happy for 100 days?
Its a simple challenge, take a photo of something that represents what has made you happy that day and share it. Sounds simple with a little bit of effort, and will help focus on the positives of life.

So here is todays happiness....
Walking to school today, on World Book Day, spotting all the different outfits on the kiddies .... probably a couple of hundred princesses, a dozen ironmen, twenty odd wheres wally (& yes, I did say I'd found wally quite a few times), vikings, witches, costumes in all different sizes. I also felt rather proud that Kai was in something a little different. He'd wanted to wear a Ben 10 outfit - yes, he does own a Ben 10 book - but all the shop ones stop at age 8, even though only 6 he tends to fit into age 8-9 clothes. so we gathered up a similar outfit, bought a green hoody & I stitched the white stripes he needed onto it & made a "10" badge.
I was also very proud of two friends who'd been discussing our childrens outfits with, theres were far more complex than Kai's, both made with care & attention to detail & absolutely breath taking - well done Deb & Mel.


  1. I'm not quite sure who Ben 10 is ... well my boys are too old and that's my excuse ... but I'm very impressed that you have made the outfit yourselves.

  2. We say the same every dress up day. There are so many identical princesses and pirates and Hulks... my lot get cobbled together and don't looks so perfect but are definitely different. Ruby's dress up day is tomorrow and she's going as Lola in a pink tutu. Not much effort there I know but genuinely her all time favourite book character - how many of the other kids can say they are dressed as that? I love this as your day one K - he looks amazing and completely the part!

  3. Ah the outfit is fab, I miss book day at school unfortunately 13 year olds apparently don't do it at school LOL1 Loving that you too are joining in the 100 days it sounds cool doesn't it!

  4. You made a great job of the green top! James loved Ben 10. Wonder if he's still got all the little toys...



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