Sunday, 22 November 2009

Been having some crafty fun..

....lots of crafty fun tbh! So as not to flood you with lots of items all at once I'll show one or 2 a day.

So yesterdays craft project was inline with the Alter a Container Challenge on Crafty Place the blurb being "alter a diary so cover and embellish the cover and embellish some of the pages inside eg easter, halloween, christmas".

So heres my entry:

I decided to make a Scrap Journal, its something I've neen meaning to do. Each time a take a photo, or someone makes a comment I want to scrap I'll make a not of it in this journal. Important details and memories fade so easily I'm hoping this will keep them fresh until I get chance to make a scrapbook page about it.

A new flap, held closed by velcro. A picture of Ruby Gloom, a bat (of course, I love bats :) along with a moon and stars. I punched some red paper for the spine (actually its a HUGE picture of a watermelon, but from the bit I used you'd never guess) and replaced the ribbon with one that matched the new layout.

Just inside, grey paper with a couple more pictures of Ruby Gloom.

Lots of Magnolia pictures (& a christmas tree) to mark special occassions inside

& finally, the back cover.


  1. Thats beautiful. I do love your 2010 diary. Im sure you will have great fun filling in all your details and then looking back in years to come


  2. Wowwwwww!! that is absolutely amazing!! I love it!! now you need to pop it in a jiffy bag ... and send it to me!!! xxx

  3. This is flipping amazing! Absolutely loving all the Ruby Gloominess and the bats, love the bats. You're a girl after my own heart!

  4. Sorry Rusty, this ones staying here hun, for once I'm REALLY happy with something I've crafted, lol

    Yup, I'm a Ruby Gloom girl & a tad batty as well, lol. Shame I didnt have any Emily strange piccies, I think shes fab.



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