Monday, 23 November 2009

Jungleland .... 1

The thing that drew me to card making, and then scrapbooking was the endless techniques that could be encompassed.

On this layout I initially used glossy accents to highlight some of the pattern on the background sheet, and give texture. I used wood patterned paper to try & give the feel of drift/salvaged wood, and tried to tie the writing in with this feel.
I thoroughly enjoyed making the quilled animals, though they were a little tricky to stick down, I need to research and buy some different types of acid free glues etc.


Big Monkey

Little Monkey



  1. wow that is really unusual! Quilling looks very fiddly tho!

  2. It can be at times Furry, but its well worth a try, and really & truely its only rolling paper up & squishing it into shapes.



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