Monday, 23 November 2009

Christmas earrings

I'd got a bit bored of the generic christmas earrings in the shops at the moment, so, while playing with fimo I opted to make my own.

A pair of nightmare before christmas earrings. I only wish I'd made the one earring the other way round, ah well, we live & learn


  1. cute but scarey! Are they gonna be danglies?? Will you model them for us???

  2. the studs are already fastened to the backs Furry, you can just about see one at the bottom of the one on the right.
    Hmmmm, not sure if anyone would want to see a large piccy of my ear, lol, though I must asure you all they are clean, no potatoes growing in them or anything.

  3. They are fab!!! You are so creative x

  4. Brilliant, I just love them :D



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