Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Carrot cake with vanilla frosting

This was the first Recipe Debbie put up on Country Heart and Home to try, but I didnt have any bananas in at the time so it had to wait until now.

As soon as I saw the ingredients I decided that this was going to be fab for the kids (and my OH) having got both carrots and bananas in it.

Again the recipe was simple, all in the bowl and mix it up. It cooked nicely and looked good when it came out.

I baked 4 cupcakes and put the rest in a cake tin.

I did come up with a problem with the frosting though. I havent replaced my electric whisk yet after it stop working, and with stirring by hand the butter didnt combine properly. The cream cheese was also rather watery, which could be because it was light cream cheese (only sort I had in).
I solved this by straining it through a sieve and then adding more icing sugar.

And what of the family taste results:

Kai (2 year old) happy to eat some of it, eats all of the icing but always leaves part of the cakey part

Zack (10 year old) really enjoyed it, wanted (and had) seconds.

Ryan (OH) thought the cupcake taste a bit bland and not like carrot cake, it needed spices in to be carrot cake. After craving sweet stuff he tried a slice of the larger cake and found he prefered it.

Myself (ME!) The cupcake was light, soft, slightly moist and therefore a great texture. I found it slightly flavourless, it could have been out flavoured by the frosting. The larger cake had its icing spread thinner than on the cupcakes and had more "cake" flavour because of this. Next time I shall try adding some spices as I do enjoy a spiced up carrot cake, but the texture was so nice on this one I dont want to mess too much with it.

Results: One to give to the kids when wanting to give them more fibre/fruit & veg. Shall try again with spices in.


  1. ooh thinking of amking this tomorrow but need to get eggs in!

  2. I really liked it but like you would probably add some spice to it next time, I like cinnamon in carrot cake. My boys ate some but not a whole slice - I hoovered up what they didn't eat ;-)

  3. Good tip - I haven't made this one yet so when I I'll add some cinammon. I loves carrot (or courgette, very similar and yum) cake so think this will be a winner.

  4. I thought it was abit bland too K .
    I made 2 x 1lb load tins. I didnt add any frosting though as i had forgot to get any cream cheese well i had Phili with garlic but didnt think that would go lol

    I loved the texture but wanted abit more of something....



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