Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lemon cake with crunchy topping

Debbie put up a recipe for Lemon cake with crunchy topping on Country Heart and Home. I normally make Lemon drissle cake which is very similar except you prick holes in it so that the lemon goes inside making it a very lemony, moist cake

This time I baked 5 cupcakes and put the rest in a cake tin.

I had no problems with this cake, woohoo!!

Everyone loved it! Its a moist, light cake with a gorgeous lemon, crunchy topping which gives a change in texture and a zesty taste of lemon.

When I was cropping the photo above Kai came over and said "ooooo, cake YUMMY!!! Cake please" so I had to make another batch as they'd all gone, THATS how nice it is!


  1. wow this looks scrummy xxx
    please can you link to mr liny please as was not showing be fore and would hate for you to miss out
    hugs Dawnx

  2. Ooh these do look yummy !! I might have to try this one. I wasnt sure but if it gets Kai's cake approval.... It must be good ;O)

  3. This one is a firm favourite now! I've had to make FOUR this week! And eldest has made me promise I will make some for our lunchbox when we go to Ally Pally with her BFF... that's not till April. Talk about forward booking.



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